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Looking for an SEO strategy that will stand the test of time?
Instilla, an SEO agency in Milan that is specialised in conversion marketing and SEO,
offers personalised positioning services that will meet your business goals and construct
a sustainable future for your company.

Instilla: the SEO agency born to meet your positioning goals

Tell us what you do and what results you want to
achieve. Our SEO consultants will find the optimal
strategy to follow along with you, who knows your
business better than anyone else. Let new potential
customers interested in your products or services find

Our SEO services

Here’s an overview of the main services we offer:

Keyword Research​
Search and study of keywords related to your business and most searched by your potential customers
Content Optimization
Content optimisation from an SEO perspective. Redesign of internal links and the overall structure of the website
Technical SEO
Optimization of technical performance and loading times
Link Building
Attività di link building volte all’ottenimento di link da parte di blog e siti autorevoli e di settore
Ottimizzazione delle app mobili per il posizionamento nei risultati di ricerca in un app store
Search and study of keywords related to your business and most searched by your potential customers
Content optimisation from an SEO perspective. Redesign of internal links and the overall structure of the website
Optimization of technical performance and loading times

Link building activities aimed at obtaining links from blogs and authoritative and sector
specific sites


Optimisation of mobile apps for positioning in search results in app stores

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We aren’t interested in proposing a
predetermined package of activities that
don’t serve any purpose. Each one of SEO
consultants is looking to achieve quality
traffic for your website and turn simple
visitors into customers.

That’s why every one of our SEO experts
listen intently to your every need, gathering
necessary elements to drive the next phase
of the analysis before they even start to
work on your website.

Once we’ve collected the data, our SEO
agency in Milan will perform an assessment
of your website and will identify potential
activities to improve your organic
positioning and increase the volume of
qualified traffic that your website receives.

SEO Optimization

Our strategy for SEO optimisation 5 fundamental steps

Step 1

Keyword analysis

The first step of the SEO optimisation process starts from the study of the keywords
you’re interested in using to positioning yourself. After we’ve discussed this with you, our
SEO consultant will perform a study of the terms that make the most sense to position
your website with.

These terms will be the keys that will guide the next phase of the
analysis – creating content that can respond to specific intent expressed by users through
their own research.

Step 2

Content Optimization

The phase following the keyword study is the optimisation of the content presented on
the site or, where necessary, the creation of new content. In either case, the goal is to
make sure that the contents of each page you want to place are attractive and interesting
to users and search engines.For that to happen, we need to make sure we optimise:

·   the title and meta description (the meta tags that appear on the Search Engine Results
·   the internal structure of the page
·   the headings (the titles visible on the page the respective hierarchy)
·   text content

Our tight network of collaborators allows us to take on the complete creation of the
content, if requested by the customer. The content is created with the aim of attracting
qualified traffic, engaging users and stimulating content sharing on social networks, as
well as that spontaneous links to the site.

Step 3

Technical SEO

With increasing use of smartphones and mobile internet access, the loading time of a
website has become one of the most significant factors in SEO positioning. Instilla will
work on identifying the main technical problems that impact the rendering of your site
and will provide you with technical support in order to resolve them.

In addition, structuring content correctly is fundamental in order to guarantee the
greatest ease of navigation for users and search engine crawlers. That’s why it’s
important to make sure that the links on your site are optimised, from those in the
navigation bar to the links that connect one blog article to another.

As part of this process, our SEO agency will verify that the other fundamental elements
for content indexing are correct, such as robots.txt files and the sitemap. All of this is done
with the aim of helping search engines to index the pages of your site and for users to
navigate more easily between content.

Step 5


App Store Optimisation (ASO) is the process of optimising mobile apps in order to
position them higher in the search results of an app store and be visible to potential

Also in this case, the final goal is conversion, that is to say: to make users download your

In-store searches are still the largest channel for discovery available for your app, and
with over 3 million mobile apps in major stores, being found becomes a crucial problem.

The ASO strategies are divided into two phases: the "pre-launch" strategy, and the "post
launch" strategy, in order not to waste the work done.

The basic parameters taken into consideration for optimisation are:

  • Application name
  • Subtitle and promotional text
  • Description
  • Visuals: logo, screenshots, images
  • Category (the choice of the category – as we saw with the GMB Card – must be
    consistent with what is offered, and it’s crucial to determining an increase or a
    collapse of the traffic towards your app. If you aren’t sure which to choose, do a
    search of apps similar to yours and choose accordingly).

If you’ve been paying attention in the previous segments, by now you’ll have realised that,
even in this case, it is crucial to start off with a thorough keyword analysis and in an in-
depth study of the target.
Then there are secondary factors that depend on user interactions and that make the

  • the number of downloads
  • evaluations and reviews

ASO, like any other optimisation, takes time to be implemented correctly as well as to see
results. But for those who have the time to understand, iterate and test, the results can be

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An SEO agency that knows Milan!

When you hire an SEO agency in Milan, you
are investing in a company that is close in
contact with the world of innovation.

For years, we’ve been offering our services
to important companies in the fintech, food
and tech sector of Milan and throughout
Italy. Come see our offices in Via degli
Artigianelli 10 to meet our SEO experts and
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We also specialise in local positioning

Are you a small or medium-sized company
looking to show up on local searches (e.g.:
"Milan vegetarian restaurant")? Check out
Primi sulla mappa, our local SEO service.

Still not appearing on Google Maps?
You should know that there are two ways to
show up on Google Maps: either search
engines find your data on the internet and
report you on the map, or you can report
your business to Google yourself through a
MyBusiness account.
We at Instilla use both methods to
strengthen the presence of your business in the eyes of the search engine.

Are you already present on the map?
Establishing a presence is the first step, but
what really matters is that you are found by
your customers. The mere presence of the
business on Google Maps does not
guarantee that they will be found even at a
distance of 500m. We can expand the range
of activity by positioning the business well,
even up to 5 km away and expanding its
presence on more searches.

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